Nostalgy, the third album by Ashraff 30, released on December 5th, 2018

The album Nostalgy wants to restore dignity to the feeling that comes from the losses, detachments and abandonments that occur during our existence. Whether it's the loss of something, someone or an emotion, the feeling and memories that come with it amplify the value we gave in the past to what is no longer there today.


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from the album Nostalgy


from the album Nostalgy

The album contains 13 tracks that open a window on the many different ways in which nostalgia can manifest itself in each of us, but it is also a very personal project in which Ashraff 30 sings his own intimate feeling of nostalgia that he feels, above all, for Mother Earth, for Africa. It is no coincidence that the first single on the album is the song "Mankind's Cradle", the cradle of humanity: after a long period spent in Europe, the artist understands how strong and firm his roots are and how proud he is to be African, despite the countless problems that still afflict the continent today.


from the album Nostalgy

There is also space for featuring with the tracks "Jambaar Door Waar" in collaboration with Ombre Zion and Sangue Bi, and "Remember That" with Sista Awa. In "Jambaar Door War" nostalgia is projected towards politicians of other times in opposition to those who, today, care about fame and their own advantage to the detriment of society and the country.


from the album Nostalgy

From the political to the musical scene in "Remember That", where Ashraff 30 wants to remember what the essence of reggae music is: peace, love, and harmony. It is a reminder of the mission of artists: musicians should reflect the change they strongly want to see in the world.

 "When music doesn't teach us and doesn't make us better, we have to call it by another name."


- remember that -

from the album Nostalgy