Born in 1979, Ashraff 30 took his first steps in music in Dakar, his hometown, under the guidance of his father, a great music lover and a deep connoisseur of the reggae genre. Since he was a child he has developed his musical taste by listening to vinyl from the family collection: Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff and Alpha Blondie are just some of the artists who form the musical culture of the artist. Hip hop also played a fundamental role in his artistic career, at a time when the genre, especially in Senegal, dominated the mainstrem. In hip hop, Ashraff 30 refined his writing skills, but it is in reggae that he found the preferred channel through which to express himself.

Reggae has always been with me, when I was 4 years old I started listening to Bob Marley, Peter Tosh. Then I grew up and took my first steps in hip hop, at a time when the genre had seen a boom. With a friend of mine, at the time we started making hip hop and I always had the streak to write. I always liked the melodic part, the fact of sending a message by singing and not talking. At a certain point I understood, especially when I arrived in Italy, that my real path was reggae. In 2007 I started the project with Kayamama, with whom I made a beautiful journey. In 2011 we did our first EP, in 2013 we did the record "On the way", we did a tour and we were also finalists in Rototom Sunsplash. Afterwards I felt the need to detach myself and go on my own and here I am with the album Colours and Cultures which is the starting point of my solo career and with which we are organizing the tour in Africa...” (Ashraff 30, from the video interview of Reggae SweetDiaspora24TV, November 2017).

The "Colours and Cultures Tour", from its first solo album released in 2016, ran through Senegal, Gambia and Guinea from December 2017 to January 2018. For the artist this tour was a real return to the origins:

“De retour au bercail”

Back to the origins, in fact, and this is the title that Ashraff 30 has assigned to an ambitious project that already in 2016 with the release of the album "Colours and Cultures" and even more so today following the tour in Africa intends to be a vehicle for a strong message of unity and harmony through the dissemination of social values essential to the artist such as solidarity and tolerance.

The same choice to be accompanied in Africa by his Italian band has represented the obvious importance that Ashraff 30 attributes to the encounter between Italy and Africa, two realities that, although profoundly different, are able to overcome linguistic and cultural barriers and create productive unions of obvious social utility.

Among the stops on the tour: the date at the famous Just For You, the big concert at the Theatre National Daniel Sorano, where Ashraff 30 shared the stage with Sangue Bi and Dread Maxim, and the participation in the DAKAR REGGAE FESTIVAL in the Place du Souvenir Africain at the opening of the concert by Jah Cure.

The return of the artist to Africa met with a warm welcome from the public but also the interest of the media: Vibe Radio 102.3, RTS, SEN TV, RDV TELEVISION, LEUZTV and DTV TELEVISION hosted the artist and his band in their programs.

Back to Italy, Ashraff 30 immediately started the work for the release of his next album: "Nostalgy", an album that promises the warmth of that feeling of melancholy that you feel towards the memory of a time past.

When travelling is no more exciting
When only memories make smiling
When you feel deeply empty
Nevertheless experimenting
When you seem to be alone
While you get people surrounding
It’s because there is nostalgy warming

The release of Nostalgy is scheduled for December 2018 and has been anticipated by the launch of a song in collaboration with Sista Awa, Remember That, and the first single extracted Mankind's Cradle, both available on all digital platforms.

In 2006 he won the prize for the best interpreter Lucio Battisti during the competition Musica Controcorrente.

In 2007 he founded his first reggae group with the Italian musicians Kayamama.

In 2008 saw the release of their first EP entitled "Tambali" which means "beginning" in wolof, his mother tongue.

In 2013 he released his debut album "On the way" with Kayamama, followed by a very successful Italian tour.

In 2014 Kayamama ranked among the 3 best reggae bands in Italy through the contest of 'Rototom Sunsplash'.

In 2016 he released his first solo album "Colours and Cultures", 11 tracks that speak of love, integration, African culture and life experiences lived in first person by Ashraff to the introspective search for themselves, with a view to a not too distant future where people from different cultures, religions, languages and skin colors can live in harmony and serenity. it is also the year of featuring with Steve in the song Loser's Ring and Piero Dread in Not so Easy.

In 2017 the "Colours and Cultures Tour" 20 DECEMBER JUST FOR YOU - 22 DECEMBER TEN BI (SALY PORTUDAL) - 24 DECEMBER THEATRE DANIEL SORANO - 26 DECEMBER DAKAR REGGAE FESTIVAL - 3 JANUARY TENIS CLUBFeaturing with Matteo Passante and Malaorchestra in the song 1985.

In 2018 he announces the release of the album "Nostalgy" and launches featuring with Sista Awa in the track Remember that and Ombre Zion e Sangue Bi in the track Jambaar Door Waar.